Stella Bianca is the prestigious brand that distinguishes the products of Nuova Filp since 1924. From the beginning, it has been a guarantee of high quality tools, able to compete advantageously with all competing Italian and foreign productions. Materials of the highest quality, cutting-edge technology, careful quality control and constant attention to changing your needs: these are the characteristics of Stella Bianca products.

NUOVA FILP SRL is one of the oldest and most important companies active in the field of professional tooling, in Italy and in the world. It was founded in 1888 near Turin to produce, on an industrial scale, first in Italy, files and other manual and rotary tools according to criteria of technical excellence. Over the years, Nuova Filp has made every effort to maintain its original goal, and today we can proudly state that, thanks to an ultra-secular experience, our brands are recognized and appreciated all over the world.